• CommandPost x What3Words

CommandPost® partners with what3words to improve accuracy in incident logging and response.

This partnership enables customers to respond to incidents faster and more accurately.

CommandPost® has introduced innovative systems to streamline incident response, across multiple industries and to improve public safety. In the event of an incident, the ability to quickly identify, escalate and dispatch resources to the correct location can mean life or death. It’s crucial that location information is accurately logged and easily shared between agencies / stakeholders to allow for the coordination of  joint and/or operational responses.

In many cases, location information like street addresses aren’t always precise enough to quickly find or to dispatch resources, lengthy telephone descriptions can be time-consuming, and GPS coordinates are prone to human error. This challenge is prevalent across multiple industries especially for those who respond to incidents that can’t always be mapped by a street address (ie. transportation network, major events or water rescue) or where map referencing differs between agencies / stakeholders, which can cause significant delays in response.

CommandPost® has turned to what3words to rely on their technology, which has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three words (a “what3words” address). This has allowed for a new level of accuracy, introduces a consistent map referencing tool across customers and their stakeholders, allows for ease in integration with existing tools and dramatically improves the ability to efficiently communicate between agencies and stakeholders.

We’re confident through this partnership that customers will be able to improve accuracy and quickly pinpoint the exact location of incident, dispatch resources and be on the same page by means of a common referencing tool.” states Alex Rixon-Booth (CEO, CommandPost®).

In the event that emergency services need to be called, CommandPost® customers now have the ability, within the real-time critical summary of an incident, to view the automatically generated what3word address. This address is accepted by Triple Zero (000) call operators and can save crucial seconds or even minutes in sharing the location of the incident. Customers can also, through CommandPost®, issue a direct link that can be accessed by Triple Zero (000) to provide greater situational awareness and to ensure the prompt allocation of resources and/or appliances.

CommandPost® offers additional training to all customers and support documents for employees to learn about this new integration and to take advantage of this functionality. Now, incident locations can be identified quickly and accurately with just three words, helping customers to improve response times and ensure that their services operate as efficiently as possible.

Find your what3words address here.


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